Gutenberg revolutionises WordPress

WordPress 5.0 is due already in November, despite certain strong opinions that it should be delayedAccessibility problems especially have been a hot ticket lately. However, talk or no talk won’t change the fact that one day in the not too distant future Gutenberg will arrive and now’s the time to get ready (as we recommended in a talk at WordCamp Turku in September). This really is one of those issues where you want to base your opinions and actions on first-hand knowledge instead of assumptions and guesswork. Do yourself a favour and give the new editor a go.

GOOGLE opening retail stores? Here’s how THAT will play out.

(Steps up to cashier)

Me: Hi, I would like this white T…

Cashier: White teen tramps doing dirty things? Okay!

Me: WHAT?! No! This white T-shirt that says GOOGLE on it!

Cashier: Okay, what else for you?

Me: This black m…

Cashier: Black men with huge packages? Not a problem.

Me: NO! It’s a black mug. A coffee mug?! I… I just… (flees store)



Top In-App Purchases


  • Giant Sack of Addiction $29.99
  • Gems or Whatever $5.99
  • Poker Chips Except You’re on The Bus And Not in A Casino Right Now $2.99
  • 50 Dignities $4.99
  • Package of 5,000 just total bullshit $9.99
  • Medium Tits $7.99
  • Not Even Playing The Game Superpack $24.99
  • Bushel of Smurf Semen $3.99
  • 10 Dollars $14.99

Shades of blue


Client: I don’t like that blue, make it a bit lighter. Just a small bit!

I send the (unchanged) file back to her.

Client: Hmm, ok thats too light, make it a bit darker.

I send the same file – again, unchanged.

Client: Ok just ad a hint of brightness and we’re done!

Again, same file, unchanged. 

Client: Perfect! Has anyone told you that you are amazing at what you do?


What Your 16-Hour Workday Says About You!


  • You’re a really hard worker
  • Your time is poorly managed
  • You don’t know what to do with your life
  • Your boss knows you’re gullible
  • At least 40% of your diet consists of pre-packaged food
  • You send out work emails at inappropriate hours
  • You have no perspective on life
  • You don’t sleep enough for proper brain function
  • You have very little self-respect
  • Your salary should be higher, but isn’t
  • You drink either too much or not enough 

Your Shit, My Stuff, Goldilocks, and Making the Bed You Sleep In


It’s not minimalism, it’s not maximalist, it’s just-right-ism. Goldilocks was on to something. The idea sits somewhere in the middle, exactly at the crux of whatever works the best with the least amount.

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What’s The Difference Between Regular and Decaf Coffee?


What's The Difference Between Regular and Decaf Coffee?


Flood Lite: Apple’s Attention to Detail

Flood Lite: Apple’s Attention to Detail