Gutenberg revolutionises WordPress

WordPress 5.0 is due already in November, despite certain strong opinions that it should be delayed. Accessibility problems especially have been a hot ticket lately. However, talk or no talk won’t change the fact that one day in the not too distant future Gutenberg will arrive and now’s the time to get ready (as we recommended in a talk at […]

Top In-App Purchases

mrgan: Giant Sack of Addiction $29.99 Gems or Whatever $5.99 Poker Chips Except You’re on The Bus And Not in A Casino Right Now $2.99 50 Dignities $4.99 Package of 5,000 just total bullshit $9.99 Medium Tits $7.99 Not Even Playing The Game Superpack $24.99 Bushel of Smurf Semen $3.99 10 Dollars $14.99

Shades of blue

clientsfromhell: Client: I don’t like that blue, make it a bit lighter. Just a small bit! I send the (unchanged) file back to her. Client: Hmm, ok thats too light, make it a bit darker. I send the same file – again, unchanged. Client: Ok just ad a hint of brightness and we’re done! Again, […]